One of the most distinguishing features of Baltimore is its neighborhoods. Each area has a unique personality brought to life by the residents, local shops, restaurants, and history. Whether you’re in the Inner Harbor or Mount Vernon, Fell’s Point or Federal Hill, Canton or beyond Downtown, a rich and diverse experience is always just around the corner.

Side Street in Federal Hill by Steve Cole

One such neighborhood, a quick walk or free Charm City Circulator ride away from the Inner Harbor, is Federal Hill. Named in 1789 after a parade celebrating the ratification of the new Federal constitution ended atop the hill, Federal Hill is a staple of the City’s landscape. A charming mix of old and new, Federal Hill boasts a variety of  specialty shops as well as some of the City’s best pubs and restaurants.

Author’s note: If you’re looking for some great local food (both to eat-in or take home) and chill place to grab a big beer all under one roof, check out the Cross Street Market. Dating back to 1846, the “Market” is a must when exploring Historic Federal Hill.

To learn more about this historic neighborhood, we met with Jane Seebold, Executive Director at Federal Hill Main Street.

Visit Baltimore: What makes Federal Hill unique?

Jane Seebold: It’s a tight-knit but welcoming community. Most of the business owners here live just a few steps away from where they work. A good portion of our community are third or fourth generation residents and they take pride in where they live. There’s a laid back atmosphere here, with an appreciation for arts at many of our local galleries, a taste for food at our award winning local restaurants, and an active nightlife. We’re also in a great location between the Inner Harbor and Fort McHenry, and with the coming celebration of the Bicentennial of the War of 1812, we have a lot to offer travelers. Not to mention many of the city’s top attractions like the American Visionary Arts Museum, the National Aquarium, and the sports stadiums are only blocks away. 

Historically Hip Federal Hill

VB: What does it mean for Federal Hill to be “historically hip?”

Jane: There is a lot of history in this area and you can get a great sense for it while exploring. The architecture of the buildings, the storefronts, the cobblestone streets… there’s a lot to see and do. At the same time, people looking for unique shopping, great restaurants, pubs, and local art can find that, too. We have events like “First Thursdays" where our shops, restaurants, and galleries offer special deals, refreshments, and a fun atmosphere for people to meet as well as some big festivals like Street Beat, Jazz and Blues Fest, and the Spring Block Party.

Want to learn more about Federal Hill? Visit their website and check out their social media profiles below.

Federal Hill Main Street

42 E. Cross Street, Baltimore MD 21230